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Sun Sign
It’s our basic identity or our “true self”. It’s usually what reasons things out and gives us the final decision.

Rising Sign/Ascendant
It’s the first impression we make on others on a personal level. It’s how we come across to strangers or acquaintances. Something equivalent to like a mask we wear in public.

Moon Sign
It’s our emotional instincts and habits. Our deepest personal needs. Where the Sun is the head, the Moon is the heart.

Midheaven Sign
Midheaven is our most visible accomplishments, and our overall sense of responsibility and standing in the world/society. It’s your life’s purpose, your highest aspirations in life. It’s how you find your personal and spiritual goals. It’s why you react the way you do in social and stressful situations.

Mars Sign
Mars is action. It’s how a person goes after their goals, their drive and energy, their initiative, courage, and combativeness. It’s how you may act when you get angry.

Venus Sign
Venus represents love. This shows more when you are in love or in a relationship.

Mercury Sign
Mercury represents communication. It’s how you communicate, how you reason things out, and your awareness and ‘intellect’. This will show during deductive reasoning and observations.

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